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 “You, the modern Turkish youth! Even if you get restless, you shall continue to follow me… If you are determined to walk without resting, you would never get restless.”  

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

The 21st century will be shaped by well-qualified individuals. Meeting the challenges and opportunities of a global world in the light of Ataturk’s principles and revolutions will require versatile competence and responsibility. Those who succeed in this world will have a high social and academic background in order to share and contribute. Buyuk Kolej is and will continue to be an institution where such qualified individuals are educated.

To fulfill this mission at Buyuk Kolej we aim to:

  • Be an exemplary institution where world standards in bilingual education are met within an international approach,
  • Have an effective learning environment where student-centered education is administered considering the individual differences,
  • Maintain an optimal size of faculty and students in order to create public awareness, foster mutual understanding and actualize individual learning.
  • Develop Buyuk Kolej faculty and students who have technological literacy, environmental awareness, high moral values and respect for peace.

While practicing a full equality policy, Buyuk Kolej will not discriminate amongst races, colors, sexes, religions, disabilities, national or ethnic origins in the administration of its education, admission and scholarship policies, athletic and other academic programs.